Union County Real Estate

Union County Real Estate has a full and exciting history and offers many opportunities for business and pleasure today. The famous Oregon Trail passed through here in the Mid 1800’s. It was not until September 5, 1861 that a family of immigrants from Iowa by the name of Leasey came into the Grande Ronde valley and built the first home in La Grande.

The communities of Union county include La Grande, Island City, Summerville, Imbler, Cove, Union, Elgin, North Powder and the surrounding areas. Today, La Grande and Island City are the center of the population. The slower pace of life, clean air, sunshine, and light traffic make this a most inviting alternative to the hustle and bustle, pollution and noise of large metropolitan cities.  For a list of Union County Schools check our our page.

The sight of the Grande Ronde valley brought delight to early travelers after their long
journey across the dry plains. This great green bowl, encircled by mountainous walls, was more like the “Oregon” they expected to find.

Residents of Union County revel in the quality of life enjoyed here the physical beauty, the abundance of recreational opportunities and an environmentally healthy climate. Yet because of the advancement of technology, businesses here are able to compete in the global marketplace.  We have a list of comm

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