Union County Farms for sale

Union County farms for sale come in small and large properties throughout Union County.  The communities in Union County include La Grande, Island City, Summerville, Imbler, Cove, Union, Elgin and North Powder.  These farms vary in size and offer opportunity for the small and large operations.  Some lands are irrigated and some are non-irrigated.  You can find farms for sale on this web site.

The Grande Ronde Valley, tucked between the Wallowa and the Blue Mountain ranges, there is a feeling of wide open spaces in the area. The skies are clear and the air is fresh. Much of the valley floor area is relatively level, but there are large and small parcels in the valley floor and along the foothills and even in the mountain ranges.  Our elevation on the valley floor is about 2700 ft and the slope areas around valley can be about 3,300 ft.  Most of the farm land in the valley has class 2 soils and some class 3.

  • There are farms that range from 160 acres to over a thousands  acres for growing grain, wheat, sugar beets, seed potatoes,  grass seed, mint and other crops to for commercial uses.  Most of these tracts of acreages have farm homes with barns, shops, machine sheds and other out buildings for their farming use.
  • Most of the farm lands in the valley have class 2 soils with some class 3.  These are excellent soils for growing a variety of farm crops.
  • Irrigation in the Grande Ronde Valley comes from the Grande Ronde River, Catherine Creek, smaller streams and creeks.  Farmers also use deep wells for irrigation.  There are a large number of deep wells in Union County that range from 250ft to over 2,500ft.
  • Large acreages for hunting, fishing, camping and other recreational uses are also available. Closer properties to the mountains, are parcels that give excellent access to winter sports, hunting opportunities, snowmobiling, gross country skiing and  snow boarding. Depending on location, these properties can also be ideal tax shelters and good for holdings for a long term basis.
  • Smaller land parcels that are nestled against the mountains, some of them front on creeks and streams, making them ideal for second homes as well as perfect for year-round living close to nature.
  • The valley area is also ideal for residential custom homes on small acreages with room for horses, organic farming, Christmas tree farms and other light agricultural uses. Some properties have small lakes or streams, or access to other recreational activities. Others are close to or have excellent access to Interstate Highway 84 and HWY 82.

If you’re interested in small & large farms for a rural county living atmosphere, La Grande and Union County has a lot to offer.