Our local partners and Mortgage Lenders

Here’s a list of local partners with John J Howard & Associates.   If you are a Seller or Buyer and are looking for services that you will be needing, this page will be of great assistance’s for you.  Over the years, we are in contact with these service provides and recommend their trusted services.  If you need any help leading up to your move, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at any of our offices in Eastern Oregon.

Local Lenders 

Talking to a lender about your interest in purchasing a home is the most important first step to take.  The local lenders that live and work in our community can be of great assistant to you.  It’s most important to have a pre-approval letter from them when making an offer.  This shows the seller that you have done your home work and you are qualified to purchase the home.  It doesn’t take to long to do it either.  If your credit score is lower than what you thought it is, they can help give you advice to improve your score to get a better interest rate.  The better your credit score, the better interest rate you will have.  Check out our local partners.

Teri Champlin of Fairway Mortgage of La Grande: Contact info 541-805-8659

Brady Angelos of Allied Mortgage in La Grande: Contact info, 541-962-7557

Valerie Smith of Allied Mortgage in La Grande: Contact info, 541-962-7557

 Local Insurance Agents When purchasing a home your lender will visit with you about getting a insurance binder (home insurance) for the home that you are purchasing.  An insurance binder is a quick way to say that you will need to get insurance for the home that you are purchasing.  Here’s a couple of recommended names for our local partners.

Terry Hughes of Farmer Insurance in La Grande: Contact info, 541-910-5401

Valley Insurance – 1603 Washinton, La Grande – 541-3121

Reed & Associates – Island City – 541-975-1364



Home Inspectors After your offer has been accepted by the Seller, it is recommended to have the home inspected by a professional Inspector.  Normally you have done within 10 or 12 business days after offer has been accepted by the parties.  The inspection takes about 3 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the home.  It’s recommended that you attend the inspection with the inspector if they are ok with it.  Some inspectors like to have the home to themselves during the inspections.

Ralph Eckis of Pillar to Post – Contact info is 541-969-2052

Logan Jones of J L Inspections – Contact info is 541-910-4264

Fred Woodard of Adept Inspections – Contact info is 541-519-1498

Doug Elliott of Eagle Cap Inspections LLC – Contact info is 541-910-8778


 City Contacts When your closing is getting closer, you will need to contact the city water & sewer departments to start or shut off services.  Here’s a list of contacts in the communities in Eastern Oregon.

Baker City: 541-523-6541

City of La Grande: 541-962-1313

City of Union: 541-562-5197

City of Richland: 541-893-6141

Island City: 541-963-5017

City of Imbler: 541-534-6095

City of Elgin: 541-437-2253

City of Haines: 541-856-3366

City of Cove: 541-568-4566

City of North Powder: 541-898-2185

 Utilities Contacts Another step in the closing process is transferring utilities in your name or out of your name.  It’s very easy to miss this part in the purchasing or selling process and gets over looked quite often.

Avista Utilities is the natural gas provider in Union County:  Contact is 800-827-9187 (hint: ask for a representative when you call)

OTEC is the Electrical provider: Contact is 541-523-3616 for Baker county and 541-963-3155 in La Grande

 Internet Providers Most buyers will want to have Internet in their homes today.  Some homes may have a dish or a receiver for their Internet.  Most times the new buyer will contact the current provider to transfer services over to their name.  Here’s a list of local partners in our area.

Oregon Wireless: contact 541-568-2000

EONI: Contact 541-962-7873

Frontier: 800-921-8101

Charter: 877-840-9914

 Union County Schools – Union County has six area school districts.  La Grande Schools is the largest with 4 grade schools, middle school and high school.  You can find out more about La Grande Schools here…