La Grande Industrial sites for sale

La Grande Industrial sites for sale are located in the Baum Park and the La Grande Business Park.  The Manufacturing Industry in the county has a mixture of companies. The labor force has a tradition of showing up to work on time and many of the employees’ has had previous job experience in their youth of working on the local farms & ranches.


Baum Heavy Industrial Park is the largest, with over several hundred acres of land. This park is full service with a railroad spur that adjoins it. The park is home to Fleetwood Manufacturing that builds RV travel trailers, Boise Cascade Particle Board Plant, Commercial & Industrial painting of all types of vehicles, Eagle Carriage & Machine Inc., and there is room for additional business in the park. The Baum Industrial Park was owned by Union Pacific Railroad and was purchased by the Union County Economic Development Corporation in the early 1990’s.

The Baum Industrial Park was owned at that time by Union Pacific Railroad and had very little interest in working with the community in developing it.  Community leaders worked with the Oregon State Legislatures to secure funding to purchase the property.


The Airport Industrial Park was established in the late 1980’s. The county had just come out of the recession from the early 1980’s. At that time the county had few options to diversify their economy.  The Airport property was the County’s first choice to have a fully developed Industrial park. The county citizens voted to approve a bond levy to fully develop the 50 acres into an Industrial park. Today, the park employs about 350 people, and is home to numerous companies. There is still land available to be purchased for future companies.


This is the areas newest Industrial & Business Park. The business park is about 50 acres in size and is located along the HWY 30 on the Southeast side of La Grande. This is a full service park and is ready for businesses.


Elgin became interested in expanding their local economy in the mid 1990’s.  Community leaders in Elgin worked with the Union County Commissioners to acquire lands that are previously owned by Boise Cascade. This park became a full service park in the late 1990’s. The park is located next to the Oregon Highway 82 and the Railroad spur line. There are several businesses, and there is developed land available to other firms.


Union industrial land is owned by the private sector. This is a 20+ acre heavy industrial zone land.