La Grande Commercial Properties for sale

La Grande Commercial properties for sale.  La Grande offers the largest inventory of commercial properties for sale. The is also business opportunities in Island City, Summerville, Imbler, Cove, Union, Elgin, North Powder and whole Union County area are varied. Each community has a distinct character and individual needs for small business and commercial real estate.

For example:

  • La Grande, the county seat, has completed a conference center that serves up to 500 guests.
  • Elgin has its Opera House, built in 1911, which functions today as a center for film, concerts and lectures.
  • Imbler is world famous for its grass seed and rich agricultural land.
  • Cove is home to hot springs that attract visitors’ year around.
  • Island City has major retail stores that serve the entire region as well as many small businesses.
  • North Powder serves as the recreational center of the area and rainbow trout up to 18 inches have been caught there.
  • Summerville is known for its wildlife and running streams.
  • Union’s downtown has been designated a National Historic District and many of the businesses there reflect that history.

Commercial real estate in this area tends to break into two rough categories:

  • The opportunity to buy an existing business along with its property exists in Union County. Examples often include:
    • apartments
    • retail stores
    • motels
    • restaurant
    • camp grounds
    • office buildings
    • antique shops
    • candy stores
    • drug stores
    • dry cleaners
    • Laundromats

In other words, the Valley has many commercial possibilities. The opportunity to buy land zoned for commercial use and develop it according to the needs of the community is there. The area is growing with a significant population increase in the last decade.

The recreation is outstanding, with great fishing along the Grande River and its tributaries. There is wonderful hiking, river rafting, and camping, and in the winter good access to skiing and other winter sports.

Much of the recreational land is part of the state and national forest park system, meaning they are protected and sure to continue to draw people from more crowded areas. The air is clean and the climate is mild, all of which contribute to commercial development potential.

Planning for light industry and technology is well in place, with industrial parks set up in Union City, La Grande, and Elgin. All have excellent access to Interstate 84. There is an industrial part at the airport in Union City.

People are drawn to the area because of its small-town feel. The area is a great place to get away from the pressures of urban living and families are taking advantage of it. As the population grows, so does the need for commercial real estate to serve them.

Larger properties are being subdivided into lots for homes and even small planned development. As new homes are built, commercial real estate and associated businesses are needed.

If investment in Union County Commercial Real Estate is your interest, John J. Howard is the real estate agent you want to work with.

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