John Day Recreational Opportunities

John Day Recreation opportunities offer a wide variety to choose from in Grant County.  From Spring to Winter there are many opportunities.  If your into mountain biking, it’s a growing sport in Grant County.  Local cyclists share a few of the trails they enjoy and note that the forest roads, also offer an opportunity to take in the peaceful atmosphere.  It is said that you can ride all day and not encounter another rider.

A Journey Through Time:

Grant County has a network of state highways that are designated as a journey through time.  History comes to life in Oregon’s Journey through time.  A loop route that loops through Northeast Oregon.  The scenic byway runs from Biggs at the Columbia River through the John Day River country to Baker City.  Along the way visitors are treated to stunning scenery and intriguing glimpses of the past, recent and ancient  It’s a modern day tour that links the land’s prehistoric past, the influx of white settles on the Oregon Trail an the fabled allure of gold and cattle country.  Here’s a list of highlights.

Hiking in Grant County:

If your looking for hiking opportunities in Grant County, there are many to choose from.  High places and low places and everywhere in between.  If you enjoy hiking, Grant County has a variety of trails to offer.  From short, nearyby jaunts to long, remote treks.  There are high mountain peaks to low valley floor to open sage brush country to painted hills to shaded hills.  Here’s a list of a few of Grant County’s favorite hiking trails…

Looking for off road activities:

If your into off-roading, Grant County is the place for motorized off road.  There are some good trails to be found in Grant County.  Two easy trails are the Little Canyon Mountain Trail which is about 2.5 miles east of Canyon City and the Morrow/Grant County OHV Park.  This trail is about 82 miles northwest of John Day off of Highway 207 and has trails for a variety of skill levels.  More of these trails here…

Winter Time in Grant County:

Winter time activities in Grant County can be enjoyed by all.  There’s is plenty to do in the winter in Grant County.  The variety of the terrain and scenery make Grant County a premiere destination in all seasons, including snowmobiling.  There are over 860 miles of groomed snowmobile trails, no shortage of cross-county trails for snowshoeing or skiing and snowshoeing.  Check out some of these locations here…

The John Day Fossil Beds:

John Day Fossil Beds are a National Monument.  The Monument preserves a world class record of evolution, animal, plant, climate and ecosystem spanning over 40 million years ago.   Fossils of land plants and animals, as well as evidence of dramatic climate change, have been discovered, dating from 5 million to 44 million years old.  We have more about the John Day Fossil Beds on this page…

Parks in Grant County:

Grant County has some wonderful parks to enjoy.  There are the Bates State park located on the upper Middle Fork of the John Day and the Clyde Holliday State Recreation Site located about 1 mile from East from Mt Verron on US Highway 26.   Magone Lake is located in the Malhuer National Forest.  The access road is off HWY 26 between John Day and Prairie City.  There is a nice camp ground and there is a walking trail around the lake.