Getting a Mortgage Loan

Here’s a checklist that covers most of the types of information you and any co-borroower will need to supply.  Some lenders have slightly different information requirements.  Before you go to see your lender, they will also ask you to be sure to bring these items in.  The more prepared you are for your lender, the easier it will be to process your loan. If you need any help, give our La Grande office a call at 541-663-9000.

1) Social Security Number and Birth Date
2) Paycheck – Bring your most recent pay stubs showing year to date earnings.
3) W-2 Tax Forms – Bring your W-2 forms from the past two years
4) Employers – Bring the names, addresses and telephone numbers for the past two years.
5) Accounts – Bring the account numbers and current balances of your checking account & savings.
6) Current Assets – Bring current assets such as IRA’s certificates of deposits, stocks and bonds.
7) Personal Property – Bring a list of personal property including life insurance, employee retirement, cars and
any other valuable property that may be of interest for your lender.
8) Liabilities – Bring a list of any loans with names, addresses, monthly payments and amount owned.
9) Current and previous addresses – Bring the morgage lender name, address and outstanding balances.  If you rent,
you will need the property address, address of landlord.
10) Sale Agreement – Your lender will need the purchase sale agreement and any addendums that you have.