Eastern Oregon Timber properties

There are timber lands for sale that are small and large throughout Union County.  Those communities in Union County include La Grande, Island City, Summerville, Imbler, Cove, Union, Elgin and North Powder.  These timber lands vary in size and offer opportunity for the small and large operator.  You can find timber lands for sale on this web site.

The majority of the timber lands and timber properties are located at the base of the Blue Mountain Range and the Eagle Cap Mountains. Timber parcels vary in sizes from 10 acres up to the thousand of acres. Most of the timber lands are non-buildable sites, however there a few parcels that come on the market occasionally that is building. Some conditions apply for these building sites and it is recommended to consultant with the Union County Planning Department. Many of these Timber Lands are located next to public lands which can be either US Forest Service or BLM lands. Land owners enjoy have public lands as a neighbor as this provides easy access for a broader uses.

As a general rule, the lower elevation sites will have Ponderosa Pine trees mixed with Douglas Fir and Grande Fir. Most of the Spruce trees will be in a higher elevation in more of the moist sites that are somewhat shaded. You can also find Tamarack or Larch trees mix in with other species. Lodge Poll is pre-dominantly located in the Southern county area, but you can also find it throughout the timber parcels in the county.

Area timber land owners are fortunate to have Boise Cascade, a wood processing company, located in Union County. Having the mills located close to the timber lands substantially reduces the transportation cost.

Investments in Timber properties have the potential to increase in value with time. These lands offer great opportunities for hunting, working the forest, recreation and fire wood cutting.

If you’re interested in Timber Lands that are small or large acreages for investments, development or just plain good living, John J. Howard is the Realtor you need to contact.